Here it goes – my first – real – YouTube video on eating whole food plant based.  This is such a vulnerable moment for me.  Eeekkk…

I decided to start documenting my journey on this whole food plant based way of eating via videos in addition to the blog.  It's been an interesting experience and I'm learning quite a bit.

Okay, so on to the topic for this week.

Week 1 – Whole Food Plant Based Eating Video

Eating whole food plant based is about eating healthy and not eating processed foods for weight loss and just plain ‘ole, getting healthy.  Watch the video below.


Over the last several years I haven't focused on food, even though my mindset completely changed, whereas I no longer judge myself, shame myself, or feel depressed.  However, I was so scared to “focus” on food for fear of spiraling out of control back to that deep, dark place of sabatoge, loathing, and judgement.

I never want to go back there again!

Blood Test Results Send Me Over the Edge

A couple of months ago, I received some blood test results that were alarming, but fixable with losing weight and getting healthy.  I was border-line diabetic, my blood pressure was a tad high, my cholesterol was in the danger zone, and well, I'm overweight!

My doctor basically told me to go on a diet and I literally started crying in her office.  There was no way I was heading back down that road of dieting.  It's not something that I could do and I explained it to her – the years of serial dieting and anguish.

The truth is that something has to change.  I had to lose weight and get healthy unless I wanted a life full of medications and most likely an early death.  It was time for me to start focusing on food.  Just thinking of it freaked me out!

I called my holistic health coach to have a chat on a game plan and get my head wrapped around this.  I needed her to help me through this part of my journey so I didn't veer of course and into the serial dieting again.

Pushing Through My Fears

More than anything I believe that weight loss is the result of our happiness instead of it being the other way around.  We think that losing weight will make us completely happy.  It can, for awhile, but if you don't focus on what got you to the point of being over weight and learn from that path, then you'll gain the weight back – like I did all those years ago.

Happiness Buddha quote

So fast foward to this week.

My decision to eat a whole food plant based diet is based on how I know my body feels when I eat plants rather than meat.  I've also had a food intolerance test which shows my body creates inflammation when I eat dairy and especially eggs.  Over the last 7-8 years, I've slowly drifted towards primarily eating a vegetarian lifestyle, but ate quit a bit of processed foods.

Whole Food Plant Based

Result of Eating Whole Food Plant Based in One Week

Eating whole food plant based compared to vegan means not eating processed foods.

Consequently, it's actually been quite easy, but I did learn that planning my food really sets me up for success.  With my work schedule, I have to take the time to plan out my food, buy the groceries, and prepare the meals.  I also try to finds recipes and meals that are easy and don't require a lot of prep time.

In the beginning, I felt pretty lethargic and I was SUPER hungry at night.  I would even wake up in the middle of the night hungry.  I presume this is just my body adjusting; however I did add some more carbs, like potatoes and rice and more beans to bump up the fullness factor.  That seemed to do the trick.

Even eating these carbs, I lost 5 lbs this week.

Vegan weight loss week 1

Admittedly, it was easy.  If you compare to a typical “diet” where you follow a bunch of rules, I'm eating as much as I want of fruits and vegetables and feel pretty satisfied, except for those hunger pains at night – but I'm pretty sure I've never felt hunger pains so this is all new to me. HA!

Let me know what journey your own below and are you eating a vegan or whole food plant based lifestyle?

My Meals this Week:

  • Cauliflower Coconut Soup which was delish and so quick to whip up:  Dr. Hyman's Blog
  • Ginger Mushroom Summer Rolls from Thug Kitchen Cookbook:
  • Grilled Romaine Chop Salad from Vegan Bowl Attack Cookbook:
  • Mexican Bowl of quinoa, black beans, cilantro, cumin, and fire roasted tomatoes all heated up in one pot.
  • Oatmeal with superfoods for breakfast.
  • Roasted Cauliflower Tomato Soup from Vegan Bowl Attack Cookbook:
  • Veggie and Tofu Chilaquiles from Thug Kitchen Cookbook:
  • Fruit/Veggie Bowl with tomatoes, blueberries, banana/apple, dried figs, carrots, almonds.
  • Raw fruit and veggies.
  • Green smoothies

Equipment Used to Film this Video:

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