Have you ever been on a diet, lost all this weight only to put it back on again?  If you were so happy, then why would you gain all that weight back even when you said you wouldn't go down that road again?

Weight loss doesn't equate to happiness!

Weight Loss Doesn't Make You Happy

Losing weight might seem like it's making you happy, but I'm here to tell you that it does not make you happy.

What creates happiness is YOU and all the moments in between when you're losing weight.

How many times have you said, “I'll just be happy if I could only lose 30 lbs”  or “When I get to my goal weight and a size 2 I'll be happy!”.

Guilty as charged!

There have been many times I've said these phrases and I really did think that I would be happy.  However what if you could be happy now – without having to wait until you lost weight?

Happiness is what we're looking for.  In most everything we do, we do it because we think it will bring us happiness.

How to Create Happiness Now

Creating happiness now is all about shifting your focus and intentional living.  Once you decide that and implement your plan to focus on the things you love now, rather than later, then you can have happiness now.  Even with a body that is over weight.

Of course we all want to lose the weight so we can be healthy.  I get that.  We'll feel better.  We'll be able to wear great clothes.

What I'm talking about is having that feeling now rather than later.

You can have happiness now by focusing on these key areas:

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Business

Your Mind Happiness

Look at ways to reduce stress in your life and quiet your mind.  What do you enjoy?


Deep breathing?


Taking a walk?

Playing with your kids or pets?

Soaking in a hot bath with candles and great music?

Find something that relaxes you and add more of that to your life.  Even if you can only do it once a week.  Just start somewhere.

Deep breathing can be done for as little as 1 minute a day a couple of times a day and you'll see the benefits.

The point being – create happiness now through small baby steps.  We're all busy so just adjust small increments of time if you're super busy.

Your Body Happiness

How can you eat healthy and still love the foods you eat?  Focusing on foods that are whole food and replace some of those comfort foods will help you to feel satisfied and not “craving” the junk food.

Eating a whole food plant based diet has changed my life.  No more counting calories or counting anything.  I just eat when I'm hungry and make sure I'm getting plenty of fruits and vegetables and that it's whole food – not processed.  In fact, I LOVE sushi!  Love it, love it, love it!  Since I'm no longer eating fish – I veganized that sushi and whipped into tasty goodness.

It makes me happy to taste foods that are satisfying and filling and that I know won't do harm to my body.

I feel happy focusing only on food for menu planning, but not for a list of rules and regulations that leave me feeling deprived, hungry, and wanting to bail on this way of eating.

Food is definitely there for nourishment, but it's also very pleasing to us and can bring us happiness when we know what we're eating makes our bodies feel better.

Maybe for you it's been so long that you have no idea how good you can feel eating a healthy group of foods.

Find areas of movement aka “exercise” that you enjoy and do more of that.  There's no need to force your body into something that it really truly hates.  If you don't enjoy it – you won't do it.

Sustainability in creating happiness is the key.

Your Business Happiness

Whether you have your own business, work for an employer, or you're a stay at home parent or possibly a student – all of those roles in your life is your “business”.  You're the master of your business.  You control its outcome.

Creating happiness from a healthy lifestyle spills over into our “business”.  Holistic happiness is in our mind, body, and our business.  It effects our relationships and our social well-being.

What can you do differently in your “business” to make your day go smoother?

Work less hours.

Set boundaries.

Start a list of your big goals instead of being a task master.  Less to-dos!

Smile more.

Get a way from your desk and take a lunch break and go for a walk or enjoy your lunch outside.

“Free journal” ideas for your business using a time of about 2 minutes and write down everything that comes to mind without thinking about it or judging it.

Focus on the areas in your business that bring you joy.  The joy is what your going to think about that evening when your head hits the pillow and you think about all of the moments in your day.

Week 5 Weight Loss

I've completed 5 weeks now eating a whole food plant based diet!

My challenges this week were recovering from that nasty flu and still focusing on eating healthy.  While I wasn't feeling too hungry, I know I needed nutrition to keep my strength and to also reduce the dehydration I was feeling.

This week, I lost 2 lbs for a total weight loss of 14 lbs.

What are some of your challenges with eating healthy or sticking to other diets?

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