Today is about several topics including plant based meals in less than 30 minutes, does motivation work, and what I eat in a day.

What I eat in a day is highlighted in the video as well as a few blunders that I corrected afterwards, like how I apparently “cook” green smoothies.  I'm not really sure what I was thinking by saying that, but nevertheless, and for the record, I typically don't cook my green smoothies.  That would just be gross.

Plant Based Meals in Less Than 30 Minutes

After reading through comments and questions from you all, I picked a couple today to discuss. Question #1 – “Do you cook a lot on a plant based diet?”

This of course is dependent on each individual person, but I try to keep my meals around 30 minutes for cook time at most. I'm a busy woman with work and all so taking time after work when I'm exhausted to cook doesn't always seem so appealing to me.

So here's how I get around cooking all the time:

When I cook, I make sure I cook leftovers so I can store in the fridge or freezer for another day. Typically I only REALLY cook about 2-3 times per week and the rest is just prepping or heating up. On the weekends I'll cook a little more elaborate meals that might take longer, but I always make sure I cook leftovers. I love me some leftovers.  Saves loads of time!

My second tip.  Instant POT!

Instant Pot speeds up cooking times and you can make some delicious meals in a fraction of the time.  My new fav lately is Red Lentil Chili over rice!  O – M – G!

I will also cook my breakfast of steel cut oats in the Instant Pot.  One thing I can't ever seem to master on the stove is steel cut oats.  Oh, it will cook, but for longer time, but my pain in the rear is the bubbling with the lid on that overflows the pot.  No matter what I do, I can't seem to figure that one out.

Instant Pot to the rescue!

How Do You Stay Motivated?

Question #2:  “How do you stay motivated on a plant based diet and lose weight?”

Well, I don't really believe in motivation anymore.  Motivation has never gotten me anywhere except excited about something that later felt deflated.  I never learned how to really eat and lose weight in a way that was sustainable so even though I lost the weight under all kinds of motivation, I inevitably gained it back.

Instead of motivation, I look within and make changes.  Changes that are lasting and don't require a cheerleader to keep me going.

I hired a holistic health coach, became a holistic health coach myself, and changed my mindset.  I learned how to free myself from the sabotage, the yo-yo dieting, and stopped the cycle of abuse.

My life now revolves around intentional living, asking myself questions, and tuning in to how I feel and also manifesting what I want my day to look like.


I start out each morning with a very quick journaling exercise with questions that prompt things like:

  • Visualizing my day
  • How do I want to feel throughout the day
  • Instead of a laundry list of “to-dos” – what are 3 things I can do today that will absolutely feel great to accomplish.

Then at the end of the day, I evaluate how my day was and also end it with gratitude.

Journaling quickly about 3 – 5 things I was grateful for that day allows me to focus on the positive in my life rather than the negative.  Throughout the day, I'm actually taking a mental note of things I'm grateful for so I can jot it down in the evening.

What we focus on, whether positive or negatively, tends to be what manifests in your life.  So I choose to focus on the positive and the outcomes of creation by focusing on positive visuals.

Week 6 Weight Loss

I've completed 6 weeks now eating a whole food plant based diet!

This week, I lost 2 lbs for a total weight loss of 16 lbs.

Do you cook a lot or do you look for fast meals at home?

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