Lately I've been attempting to find raw food snacks that are easy to take on the road and you don't have to refrigerate.  Do you remember your childhood snack of fruit roll-ups?  Fruit leather is the equivalent to fruit roll-ups; however there are some definite differences between these two snacks.

The fruit leather recipe I'm sharing with you is completely raw, with no preservatives, no artificial colors or chemicals, no refined sugars, and is very healthy for you.  You're going to be amazed at the flavor and how fun it is to mix various fruits together for your own flavors.

Strawberry fruit leather is just a basic recipe, but you can use any seasonal fruit that you want.  In fact in addition to the strawberry fruit leather, I've also made apple and banana fruit leather that was simply sweet and satisfying.  I imagine doing a blueberry mango fruit leather would be quite tasty as well.  Hmm…do I sense a new recipe?

So have fun and experiment with various fruits that you really enjoy and then try dehydrating them for an easy, raw, to-go snack.


Strawberry Fruit Leather Blended

Strawberry Fruit Leather Blend

Raw Strawberry Fruit Leather Recipe

  • 4 pints of organic strawberries
  • Pinch of Celtic sea salt
  • Raw honey or raw agave nectar (optional)
  1. Wash strawberries in a colander and then remove the stem.
  2. Place the strawberries and salt in a high powered blender (I use Vita-Mix) and blend until smooth.  If you're using a Vita-Mix blender, you can push the strawberries into the blade using the tamper if necessary.
  3. Taste the blended strawberries to determine if the sweetness is to your liking.  If not, add a little bit of raw honey (liquid form) or raw agave nectar to the blender and blend until mixed well.
  4. Using the Excalibur dehydrator (my favorite), divide the blended strawberries onto the Teflex sheets equally so that the mixture is spread somewhat thin, but not where you can see holes.  Remember, that strawberries are a high water content fruit and the moisture will be removed from the fruit when dehydrating causing the mixture to thin out to become the fruit leather.
  5. Dehydrate on 100 degrees for 12-15 hours.  You can turn 1/2 way through the drying process if it's not too moist to increase the drying speed of the fruit leather.
  6. Once the fruit is a complete fruit leather, you will need to cut using a pizza cutter into long pieces of leather, about 4-5 inches wide and then roll like a fruit roll-up.  I put 2 fruit leather rolls in each bag for a quick to-go snack and keep them in my purse as well.  You never know when you or somebody else in your party will get hungry.  This happens to me often!

*If substituting strawberries for any other fruit you'll need to determine whether the fruit is a high water content fruit.  If it's not, like a banana, then you might need to add just a little bit of water when blending.  Only add the water if you must to help blend; otherwise it will water down the taste of your fruit leather if you add too much.

Question:  Respond below as to what your favorite fruit is to use for fruit leather.



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