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My Weight Loss Progress Stats

Yes I'm a numbers geek!

I love keeping track of how much I've lost – from my weight, to lean muscle mass, TBW%, and inches lost.  It definitely keeps me focused and helps me to see my goal.

This is an interactive spreadsheet, so click on the “tabs” at the bottom: Summary, WL Goal vs Actual, All Stats, Lost Inches to view the data. You can also scroll left and right and up and down.

Here's a cool and interesting fun fact about TBW %.  TBW %, which stands for Total Body Water %, for a woman should be at 45%-60% for women and 50-65% for men. TBW% is a reflection of how hydrated you are. It's very important to monitor this as you lose weight to make sure you are getting enough fluids.

When I first started on the Ideal Protein protocol, my TBW % was 34.8% which means my organs and muscles were seriously dehydrated. That's 10% below the minimum hydration level for TBW %. You'll notice on the All Stats tab above on the interactive spreadsheet that my TBW % has slowly risen from 34.8% to 40.2% as I lose weight and hydrate my body effectively.

This number won't change overnight by just guzzling a ton of water. I already drink about 100+ ounces of water a day and over the last 14 weeks my TBW % increased 5.4%. So as you can see, it takes a bit of time.

What do you monitor on a regular basis and what type of scale do you have?

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