Kelsey Byers is my go-to for motivation and inspiration.  She lost over 50 lbs eating clean and exercising and has transformed her body in the image she set out to achieve.

I've seen her post on Facebook that 90% of her weight loss and maintenance is eating and 10% is exercise.  For those that despise exercise – it appears there's hope for us yet.  Her transformation story is fascinating in how she lost over 50 lbs and 18% body fat.

Kelsey is now a fitness model and competes in body building.  Who would have thought!

Kelsey Byers Before and After Photos:

What an accomplishment to turn your life around, get healthy, lose weight and now become a fitness model and body building competitor.  Who would think that this could happen to them?

She's a real girl with real issues that she overcome and is now inspiring others worldwide.

I really love reading her Facebook comments and watch as she continues down this fantastic journey.  Go check her out on her website and Facebook page.

What motivational weight loss before and after pictures do you look at?

Image:  Kelsey Beyers


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