Life is good when you're reaching your goals!  My progress photos are show me clearly how well I'm doing even when I don't always see it in the mirror.

Progress Photos from Weight Loss

Check out these before and during progress photos.  These pants are a size 22 which I wore when I started the Ideal Protein protocol on 11/27/12:

Progress Photos Before Pants Front View Size 22     Progress Photos Before Pants Side View Size 22     Progress Photos Before Pants Size 22 Back View

I remember several years ago when I was doing so well at losing weight.  I remember the high I got from losing weight, from people noticing my weight loss, from trying on clothes in smaller sizes.

I have that same high now – yet it's different.  The difference is that before I wasn't eating well.  It was more of a crash diet than a healthy, well maintained diet.

Another difference?

When I weighed 172 lbs I was wearing a size 14.  I started wearing a size 14 at about 195 lbs on the Ideal Protein protocol and many of the “smaller clothes” I had at 172.

That's a huge difference.

Now – why the difference?

Before I ate a lot of carbs and fat and worked out quite a bit.

Now, I eat more protein, less carbs (but not low carb necessarily) and less fat and don't do high intensity workouts (for the most part).

My muscle tone is being supported by the protein whereas before it was not.  So much of my weight loss was lean muscle mass rather than fat.

Pretty amazing isn't it?

Love the way my body is changing and I love the high I'm on through this journey and reaching my goals.

This high is better than any food high.  A food high is fleeting.  It feels good in the moment – maybe – unless you're so consumed with guilt while eating it.  Then afterwards you feel like crap.

You know why you feel like crap.  Because you know you it's not part of what makes you healthy.

It makes you fat.  Now that's just the physical side.

The mental and emotional side is that you feel like you've failed yourself again.  You've sabotaged your goal.

What will people think of you now that you cheated.  Many of these thoughts are your inner chubby chick telling you how bad you are and how you'll never reach your goals.

Do you hear her voice?

Reach out to your Inner Skinny Chick and ask for her help.

Now take some progress photos so you can see how you have changed over time.  I didn't realize until I put those size 22 pants on how much I had changed since starting my diet.  Progress photos help you to keep track of those visual changes so you have a constant reminder of success in your weight loss journey.

Have you taken any progress photos?  Leave me a comment below.

Image:  Kevan


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