Follow my journey from week-to-week as I lose weight and learn more about raw food eating: Losing Weight on a Raw Food Diet.

Well, the 90 day raw food challenge is finally over!

My final observations from this challenge are that I love, love, love green smoothies! Raw desserts are amazing because I can eat them guilt free. I've enjoyed this journey – trying something new and challenging on the never ending quest to being healthy. Though eating raw food is healthy – it has its ups and downs. It's more difficult to eat out at restaurants and social gatherings. It feels somewhat exclusive when you eat with others and have to make something raw while they are eating cooked food. Cooked food was so tempting at times while on the raw food challenge. My face did have some break outs in the first couple of weeks when the bad toxins were being expelled from my body.

Now for the pros of eating a raw food diet. I felt amazing eating raw food and it gave me so much energy. My portions of food began to slowly decrease after about the third week of eating raw. Green smoothies seemed to really satisfy my hunger and I believe lead to the overall decrease in portions of food. Many days I could drink my 64 ounces of green smoothie, eat some raw soaked nuts or a grape fruit, and then if I were still hungry, I might have spiraled zucchini (looks like pasta) and raw sun dried tomato pasta sauce. My hair and skin became more healthy looking, my eczema cleared up in my ears, I lost weight and I felt more clear headed.

Now that the 90 day raw food challenge is over, I have gone back to eating about 30-40% cooked foods and the 60-70% raw is through green smoothies. Raw food desserts are still an amazing passion for me to prepare and enjoy. It's simply guilt free eating! I recently made individual raw lemon cheesecakes topped with fresh strawberries and an almond crust. My family that doesn't eat raw food absolutely loved the dessert and couldn't believe that it wasn't raw. When I was eating raw food I did miss soups and sandwiches, cereal, and oatmeal. I rarely eat meat and stick to a vegetarian based diet for the most part. I've noticed that I don't crave desserts and foods laden with sugar and stay away from junk food. I'll occasionally buy desserts, like Newman's Own Organic cookies – Newman-O's – that are so delicious! Overall, I'm so thankful for taking the challenge, to learn about a different way of eating that is healthy, loving towards my body, and learning how to implement a raw food lifestyle. Green smoothies are my main food item of the day and then I eat cooked foods, salads, nuts, or fruit when I get hungry.

Weight Loss on Raw Food and Green Smoothie Challenge
Starting weight:  227 lbs and 47% body fat
Week 1 – Lost 10 lbs and 2% body fat
Week 2 – Lost 1 lb and 1 % body fat
Week 3- Lost 4 lbs and 0% body fat
Week 4 – No data while traveling and without a scale
Week 5 – No data while traveling and without a scale
Week 6 – Lost 4 lbs and 1% body fat
Week 7 – Gained 5 lbs and 1% body fat
Week 8 – Gained 4 lbs and 1% body fat
Week 9 – Lost 3 lbs and 1% body fat
Final Weeks – Lost 10 more lbs and 2% body fat
Current weight:  204 and 42% body fat
Total Weight Loss:  23 lbs and 5% body fat

-Raw Food Love every day!

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