Follow my journey from week-to-week as I lose weight and learn more about raw food eating: Losing Weight on a Raw Food Diet.

I feel so much better than yesterday.  No cravings, but I did get a headache today.  I'm not sure if that's because I had frozen strawberries that are non organic.

Okay, so for the best part of what happened today; well there were several, but I hopped on the weight scale this morning and I lost 10 pounds this week and 2% body fat.  That's a significant amount of weight to lose even on a raw food weight loss plan.  I didn't do any strenuous workout.  I only walked a couple of days.  This week I'm incorporating more exercise to tone up the body.

So far my eating plan each day is a full 64 ounces of green smoothie and then vegetables with a dip like the No Bean Sun Dried Tomato Hummus, or I'll eat Nori wraps, or a salad with lots of vegetables.  I try to make these meals somewhat small, but full of vegetables and goodness.  I'm going to keep this same raw eating pattern this week as well.  Eating green smoothies every day has dramatically helped me to stay nourished and full.  I have not had any cravings or effects from not drinking any coffee this week either.  Typically, if I didn't have coffee, I would get massive headaches, because my body was missing the caffeine.  This alone is the testament to how raw food eating and drinking green smoothies can nourish your body.

Raw Cacao Superfood Balls

Raw Cacao Superfood Balls

The second wonderful thing that happened today is I discovered the yummy goodness of a raw food dessert.  If I were ever skeptical about how good raw food eating could be, I am not now.  I reviewed all kinds of raw dessert recipes this week and combined a few to make Raw Cacao Superfood Coconut Balls.  The recipe contains all raw, organic foods that totally cured my chocolate fix.  The best revelation is knowing that this amazing raw food dessert was packed full of superfoods that are amazing for my body and I can indulge without guilt. In fact, I think I'll go grab one real quick. 🙂 Oh my…such wonderful superfood goodness. The raw dessert ingredients are raw cacao powder, raw cashew nuts, raw hemp seeds, organic coconut oil, raw honey, agave nectar, Celtic Sea Salt, dried shredded unsweetened coconut, and pecans. Check out the recipe and tell me what you think.

I also ordered an Excalibur dehydrator with 9 trays today, including the timer. I cringed when I went to buy it, but I hear it's the best dehydrator and most raw foodists have spoken very highly of this brand. It also comes with a 10 year warranty. I'll do a review on it after I receive it and dehydrate my first batch. I'm thinking I'll make the onion bread from the RAWvolution cookbook first. I'm going to have to complete a review on RAWvolution as well. Matt Amsden, raw food chef, has created some amazing dishes that anybody eating cooked or raw food would love.

-Eating raw food into raw food love.

Follow my journey from week-to-week as I lose weight and learn more about raw food eating: Losing Weight on a Raw Food Diet.

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