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ahhh…my body felt so much better after eating whole raw foods. I'm about 90% raw since I'm eating my main meal of green smoothies. Bread seems to be the new food of choice that I'm craving. Recently I found some amazing recipes for Essene bread, more onion bread, and rye bread.

Using the onion bread, I made a small sandwich out of onion bread, cucumbers, avocado, baja cheese (raw nut cheese), lettuce, tomatoes, and avocado. All I can say is YUM!!

The onion bread is pretty simple and does not need any sprouting of nuts, but the Essene and rye bread require sprouting.

I've never sprouted seeds before so I had a whole new learning experience this week.  The recipe I found for the these two breads requires sprouting Kalmut (wheat berries) for the Essene bread and rye for the rye bread. My silly anxiety is over; I'm now not fearful of sprouting. Who knew it could be so easy? It's a simple as soaking and rinsing. That's it.

The Kalmut just finished sprouting this morning after about 3 days, so I've stored it in the refrigerator until the onion bread is finished in the dehydrator. Then I'll start the Essene bread. Essene bread is a sprouted, flour-less bread that is cooked at a very low temperature in order to keep the nutrients and enzymes intact.

This was weigh-in week and as you can see below, I lost 3 lbs and 1% body fat.  I've also increased my exercise a bit by riding my bicycle and walking.

Weight Loss on Raw Food and Green Smoothie Challenge
Starting weight:  227 lbs and 47% body fat
Week 1 – Lost 10 lbs and 2% body fat
Week 2 – Lost 1 lb and 1 % body fat
Week 3- Lost 4 lbs and 0% body fat
Week 4 – No data while traveling and without a scale
Week 5 – No data while traveling and without a scale
Week 6 – Lost 4 lbs and 1% body fat
Week 7 – Gained 5 lbs and 1% body fat
Week 8 – Gained 4 lbs and 1% body fat
Week 9 – Lost 3 lbs and 1% body fat
Current weight:  214 and 44% body fat
Total Weight Loss:  13 lbs and 3% body fat
-Raw Food Love every day! 

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