Follow my journey from week-to-week as I lose weight and learn more about raw food eating: Losing Weight on a Raw Food Diet.

I still haven't been able to weigh since I'm traveling, but I will have weight loss results on the next weeks post! I'm excited to see the results. My clothes are looser than they were when I started traveling.

That has to be a good thing! Typically when you travel you run the risk of eating worse than you would at home since you don't have the same food resources. I seriously miss my dehydrator and mostly the kale chips. I've already eaten the bag that I brought with me. If you've never tried kale chips; they are a must eat for raw foodists. Kale chips will satisfy your cravings for crunchy and salty foods. Yum; can't wait to make some more when I get home.


There have been challenges this week while eating raw and traveling:

  • No kale chips or other substitution foods that have left me having serious cravings.
  • Cooking for my fiance and smelling the cooked foods during a week without raw food substitutions increased my cravings.
  • I had 2 bites of the carrot cake I made this week for my fiance. 

I succumbed to eating 2 bites – small bites that is, not a huge one – of the carrot cake.  It just smelled so wonderful and my mind was really wanting that carrot cake.  This is the first time I haven't resisted a temptation, but considering it was 2 small bites and I left it alone after that, I thought I did good.  In fact, it wasn't even as good as it smelled.  I would have much rather preferred my Raw Cacao Superfood Coconut Balls that are guilt-free and absolutely mouth watering delicious.


This week I've wondered if I could maintain a high raw food diet, especially since I've been tempted by all the good smelling cooked foods.  When I started this 90 day challenge, it was a method for me to analyze how I felt eating raw, what benefits took place in my body, and whether I would continue with a high raw or a percentage of eating raw.  Some raw foodists eat 80% raw 20% cooked or 90% raw and 10% cooked. 

Currently I might be leaning towards the 80% raw 20% cooked.  80% raw is still incredibly amazing and my body would really benefit from such a high percentage of raw food which would most likely be the raw green smoothies.  I absolutely love my green smoothies. 

After eating the carrot cake, I did feel somewhat guilty – as if I was breaking the 90 day challenge, but challenge is exactly what this 90 day period of time is all about.  Challenges are meant to strengthen and test your resolve towards the issue at hand.  I haven't quit the challenge, but it actually strengthened me when I ate the carrot cake, because in my mind it smelled so wonderful, but the taste didn't match the smell.  I'm sure my taste buds are also changing as I began eating better foods. 

Salt seems saltier to me now and fruits seem sweeter than before.  I'm not having to add hardly any dates to my smoothies anymore to sweeten them. 

Benefits to raw food eating

I noticed a few more benefits this week after eating raw food for a little over a month now:

  • Mouth doesn't taste like I have bad breath – feels cleaner.
  • I feel hydrated most of the time and don't wake up with cotton mouth.
  • Eyes appear brighter

Question:   Do you eat high raw at 100% or an 80/20 or 90/10 raw food diet?

Weight Loss on Raw Food and Green Smoothie Challenge
Starting weight:  227 lbs and 47% body fat
Week 1 – Lost 10 lbs and 2% body fat
Week 2 – Lost 1 lb and 1 % body fat
Week 3- Lost 4 lbs and 0% body fat
Week 4 – No data while traveling and without a scale
Week 5 – No data while traveling and without a scale
Current weight:  212 and 44% body fat


-Raw Food Love every day!

Follow my journey from week-to-week as I lose weight and learn more about raw food eating: Losing Weight on a Raw Food Diet.

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