Whah?  Losing weight without dieting? Huh?  Yep, you heard me right.  My no diet days are causing me to lose weight and feel pretty amazing – like I have this freedom I've never experienced before.

Who would have ever known that not dieting could create weight loss.  I didn't know how to lose weight without dieting before I met my holistic health coach.  New diets are what I gravitated to in the past – one after another, rules to live by and eat by.

No Diet DaysHonestly, I never thought it could feel this good to just be okay with who I am regardless of my size, regardless of how much weight I've lost or gained, and regardless of what I eat.

I had some pretty dark days in the last couple of years where I didn't know how I was going to pull through.  Time after time I had disappointed myself and through all those times I somehow thought diets would help me be happy.

Finally, I realized through holistic health coaching that I can create happiness outside the walls of my weight.  I am perfect just as I am.

Foods I Eat On My No Diet Days

When I first kicked the habit of eating without judgement I would eat foods that weren't always so healthy for me.  I supposed this was a process of discovery as my new found freedom came into alignment with what was best for my body and health.

My “rule” – I guess I do have some rules – is that when I eat, I do so consciously and without judgement.  The word consciously might seem a little odd given that I am fully awake physically – but it means to be fully awake in my mind, my emotions, and my senses.  My days of numbing emotions and pain with food are over.

Eating consciously and mindfully allow me to be completely aware of what is happening, without judgement, if I'm eating something unhealthy.

Listening to my body and what it wants is how I choose foods now.

For instance today I woke up feeling like I wanted chocolate – so I made a chocolate green smoothie with raw cacao, fresh spinach, almond milk, and some more superfood ingredients.  See you can get your vegetables in while eating something truly delightful like chocolate!  If you've never had a chocolate green smoothie, you gotta try it.  Spinach is one of those wonderful vegetables that doesn't have a lot of taste when combined in a smoothie.  Beware – kids have been known to love this too.

For lunch I ate a plate full of finger foods that just made me jump for joy at how alive and vibrant my plate looked – and I forgot to take a picture:

  • Fresh strawberries
  • Fresh blueberries
  • Whole grain crackers with white cheddar cheese
  • Raw almonds and pumpkin seeds
  • Celery and fresh asparagus dipped into red pepper hummus

For dinner I ate an avocado, diced cucumbers, a veggie patty and some jasmine tea.  Then I was craving chocolate again so I opened up my fridge where I keep a healthy supply of Raw Cacao Superfood Coconut Balls.  Talk about some guilt-free eating – not that anybodies judging here.  These little babies are so amazingly tasty and packed full of goodness – and more chocolate.

It probably seems like my meals were a bit of a hodgepodge of foods, but I listened to what my body wanted and I tend to gravitate towards more simple foods that don't always have to be cooked.  When I was eating a raw food diet for 90 days, one of the habits I took away was eating more green smoothies and sometimes mono meals that just made me feel really good.  My body craves these types of meals.  It's simple and the ultimate fast food.

Instead of running up to the local fast food joint, I now grab a piece of fruit, or fix a quick plate of veggies, fruit, cheese and crackers.  Now that's fast and my body is loving me for it.

I realize this method of no diet days isn't popular when people are looking to lose weight fast for whatever reason, but I can say that it's the method that has gotten me to be healthy in my mind now and consequently my body.  I'm starting to lose weight as I eat better, meditate, provide nourishment to my body, and give it love again.

It feels good.

Are You Done with Diets Too?

Being on this side of never dieting again has been pretty incredible and my life is so much better for it.  I'm happier and feeling alive!  Are you ready to take that plunge and stop the dieting?

I encourage you ditch diets forever and find the true source of what makes you happy.  If you closed your eyes right now – well after you read this – and envisioned what your best, most happiest life would look like, what would you see?

  • Where would you want to live?
  • Who would you be with?
  • What activities would you be doing?
  • What kind of home would you live in?
  • What job would create ultimate happiness for you?
  • Where would you travel?
  • What foods would you eat?

It's time to start dreaming again and start living that dream now – not when you “finally” lose the weight.  You can do this.  You can live a beautiful life now and the most amazing thing happens when you start to live. The weight starts to fall off.  Is that not the coolest thing in the world?

We've – I've – had it backwards this whole time.  I somehow thought that when I lost weight – then – and only then – would I be happy and do all the things I've ever wanted to do and start living my dreams.

My friends, it has taken me most of my adult life to figure this out.  I only hope that you come to this conclusion sooner than later as well.

To help you get started on this path to living your dreams, I'm offering free holistic health coaching to four individuals who would be my practice clients as I learn more about the psychology of eating in school.  If you are interested in applying, please read on how to apply and all the details of the program here>>.  I will be accepting applications through October 4, 2014.

As always, leave me a comment below with how you are doing and how you are living with no diet days.

Image:  Taylor


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