I did it you all! I got fit for the summer season and I’m ready for all the summer activities. It’s amazing how great it is to feel so good about yourself when your fit.

I’m talking about mind body fitness. It’s been almost one year since I stopped dieting and I’ve never felt better. My mind has done a lot of stretching, a lot of heavy lifting, and it’s fitter than ever before.

About a year ago I decided that it was time to stop dieting and through working with my holistic health coach I was able to learn how to achieve happiness no matter what my body looked like and no matter what size pants I put on each day.

Freedom From No Dieting


The power to take action without feeling from restraint or control; personal liberty; the absence or release from ties.  – Dictionary.com

That’s the best word I can use for this new outlook on life. Freedom.

I’m free from ever placing self-limiting rules that cause me harm.

I’m free from body shaming.

I’m free from being angry at myself for another year gone by without losing weight or the weight I “should” lose.  (Hate that judgmental word “should”.)

I’m free from the self-hatred that comes from not feeling in control of myself and wondering why I don’t have self-control.

I’m free from the fear that gripped me when people would see that I gained weight again for the millionth time (slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean).

I’m free from wondering what new diet will finally work (because diets don’t work).

So yeah, I’m fit for summer season, because I’m not worrying what I look like and I’m not worrying about starting another diet to lose weight quickly before summer season.

Instead I’ve:

  • Showed my body some love
  • Accepted myself as I am – I am perfect just as I am (my mantra)
  • Started eating consciously
  • Slowed down my eating
  • Meditations
  • …And some more empowering exercises that I’ve learned in coaching.

How You Can Get Fit Too

How many blogs have you scoured to figure out how you can shed those pounds quickly before it’s time for the summer clothes and vacations ahead? How many Pinterest boards have you perused to find the perfect body you want to model yourself after?

I get it. You’re reaching for the one thing you know will work this time. You’re hopeful, you're motivated, you have self-control, and you know that this time it will work. This new diet is going to save you.

Honey – let me stop you. It’s not. Only you can save you.

No diet is going to show you how to feel all the feelings you want to have when you lose those pounds.

No diet is going to show you how to be happy now.

No diet is going to allow you to learn how to reach down inside your gut and pull out the truth.

No diet is going to make you happy. Period. End of story.

You might think you’re happy while you’re losing weight and you might be happy when you’ve lost all the weight (I was), but then “life” gets in the way and you ultimately begin to go back to eating the way you did before you lost all the weight (I did).

So what do you do? How do you stop this craziness?

First, you have to be absolutely serious that you are done with diets and the craziness and want to leave that behind.  This is a must!

Second, start to eat consciously. Eating consciously is simply listening to your body for what it wants to eat rather than bolting to the kitchen for food and eating in a numb state.

Third, read this book called  “The Slow Down Diet” by Marc David. Hint, it’s not really a diet.

Fourth, hire a health coach to walk you step-by-step through this journey on a plan customized for you. Diets don’t do that – it’s a one size fits all. A coach will help empower you to find your happy now so you never have to diet again.

The truth is, I still have a lot of weight I would like to release in order to be more healthy. The difference between me wanting to be more healthy and wanting to lose weight by dieting is on opposite spectrums.  No longer do I obsess about losing weight.  Now I only think about how the foods I'm eating can help me to get healthier.

Since my mind is now healthy and I’m eating more consciously, the weight is starting to come off without me even thinking about it. How amazing is that!?!

If you’re serious about jumping off the hamster wheel of dieting, send me an email on my Contact page so we can set-up a time to talk about what it is exactly you want to achieve and how I might be able to serve you in that capacity.

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