I've officially decided to move on over to the Atkins Diet with a hybrid of IP. It's essentially the same diet, just eating my own foods. I'll stay away from processed foods and eat whole foods.

This came about from another visit to my doctor yesterday. Nothing is wrong with IP and I could probably stay on it for the remaining 40 lbs I need to lose, but my body isn't used to the packaged foods and I'm not getting enough nutrients even with taking extra supplements. My hair is still falling out, nails are peeling, and I'm nutrient deficient in D, Zinc, Chromium, Calcium, K2, and something is going on with my bodies ability to produce insulin (I think that's the issue).

The insulin issue could be a fluke since the ketosis diet makes your pancreas rest. I'll retest in the coming months and it will be interesting to see what it states after I've lost the weight and maintained for another 6-12 months.

So for the next 40 lbs I'm going to move over to Atkins and start implementing more exercise. I've started the Couch to 5K program this week and am amazed that my knees didn't hurt and I survived!  I feel really good about and even craved the exercise.  My mind seems clearer after I run and it overall makes me feel good.

When I share recipes on here, I'll make sure I share whether it's IP compliant or Atkins compliant or both.

Please understand that in no way am I giving up on those who are still on IP! I'm here for everybody and we're all a source of support for each other. Remember I keep saying it's about the journey – this just happens to be mine. IP changed my life. I feel better than I ever have and am looking forward to the next 40 lbs of weight loss!

Update:  I've decided to stick with Ideal Protein instead of transitioning to the Atkins Diet.

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