A new chapter has begun in my journey – this quest of self-discovery to find peace and balance with my emotional eating.

It seems like I'm always fighting it, controlling it, hating it and never loving it.  Yes – loving it.  Is there such a thing?  Is that crazy?  How can you love something you hate?

Controlling Emotional Eating

I think I've always looked at my emotional eating as something to control.  It's the beast that tries to control me and I'm trying to control it.  We're trying to knock each other out!

Maybe the best idea is to live with it peacefully – embrace it and learn what it has to teach me.  This last year has definitely brought a lot of teaching.

It actually took me awhile to admit I had an emotional eating problem instead of – I'm just fat and need to diet.

Do I love that I'm an emotional eater?


But God allowed me to have this issue in my life and obviously thought I could somehow learn from it to be a better woman.  Knowing that – I'm cool with it.  I don't love it, but I acknowledge I can learn something from it.

One step forward – one step back – some more steps forward….

So here I am in Scottsdale, Arizona now for several months and I have been consumed by work at my new job and settling in to my new place.  I've let my job control my time, my feelings, and my emotions – which in turn has caused me to let myself go and lose sight of my goals momentarily.

It's a pattern.

I recognize it.

Refocusing on Weight Loss Goals

Now it's time to get refocused and keep moving forward towards my weight loss goals.


Just working out to my Beach Body workouts like my old school Turbo Jam and eating clean.  Just keeping it simple folks with eating clean, whole foods.

I realize more than ever that I need that stimulus of interacting with other people who are on the same journey to keep me motivated and moving forward to reach my goals.

It's great to share your experience with others and to know that we are all going through a similar experience that will be rewarding in the end.

Let's start sweating people!!

Comment below – I would love to hear how you are refocusing on your goals this year.

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