Traveling while eating a raw food diet has been a concern for me since I started eating 100% raw food almost 4 weeks ago. I've reviewed various posts and videos on traveling tips before my trip today to Alaska.

One would think that traveling raw should be easy since you can typically find fruits and vegetables at any grocery. The difference is that it is healthier when the produce is organic rather than conventional which is pesticide laden.

What's the point in eating raw if you eat pesticides on conventional produce? Seems silly doesn't it? Most people eat a raw food diet for the health benefits.  Just say no to pesticides!

My main meal throughout the day is my green smoothie – 64 ounces a day – which requires, well should I say needs, to have the Vita-Mix blender to blend the green smoothie creamy and without chunks of produce. So of course I packed it as well.

Preparation is key, so I made sure I had some snacks for traveling: fruit leather, apple, flax crackers, and my favorite kale chips. I'll have the recipes for these items shortly on the website. I also checked the grocery stores in Alaska to make sure they carried organics. Thankfully, they do.

That wasn't too difficult.  Again preparation is key.  Since this is my first traveling trip; we'll see how it goes and I'll report in another post how the trip went and things I would do differently or the same.

Question for all those traveling on a raw diet:  what are your tips to traveling on a raw food diet?

– Raw Food Love

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