One of the most popular questions about using raw almonds is whether you should use the skins of the almond or should remove the skins.

Skins of raw almonds are completely edible and offer a great source of the almonds nutrition. So, yes, you can eat the skins of raw almonds. However, make sure you soak the almonds before consumption in order to release enzyme inhibitors that keep the almonds from being digested properly.

If you don't soak the raw almonds, our human bodies have more difficulty digesting almonds and as you know, a big part of raw eating is how fast the food is absorbed into the body and expelled. The quicker the better – you don't want food rotting in your body.

To soak your raw almonds – place them in a glass bowl, cover completely with filtered water and then cover with a towel to keep out dust from the room. Typically soaking over night or 8 hours is best, then rinse and dry.

Here's a great tip for any raw nuts so you can always have already presoaked nuts for any recipe you want to make in a hurry – now you don't have to wait to soak the nuts. When you purchase your raw nuts, bring them home and immediately soak them for the required time. Then, rinse, drain, and dry well. Place them in a container – I prefer glass – with a lid and then store in the freezer. Now you don't have to wait to prepare your raw food dish until the next day after you've soaked your nuts – just keep them on had, presoaked in the freezer.

Some raw almonds aren't completely raw – learn how to test the almonds to make sure its actually raw. The skins will fall if the almonds have been pasteurized.

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