How do you deal with cravings?

I have some serious cravings today for cooked food! It's my birthday and I made a cake – not for me, but for my fiance. It's a beautiful, sweet smelling carrot cake that permeates the room with cinnamon, carrots, and sugar.

Ah..I really want a piece of that carrot cake – mainly because it smells so good, but I won't do it. I'm sure my body wouldn't much like it either. My grandmother once told me that I could just taste it and spit it out. I laugh when I think of her saying this. Are you still raw eating if you taste and spit it out?

Okay, I wouldn't actual taste and spit. Not only is this some legalistic way of still trying to maintain raw food eating, but it seems a little like an eating disorder.

If I weren't still traveling, I could find better options, well, more diverse options of foods that would satisfy cravings. As it is, the food, especially organic food is far and few between up here in Alaska.

I've been craving salty foods and thus have resorted to olives stuffed with garlic. Now these little treats are amazing.

Today I made a green smoothie that wasn't so fantastic to the point where I don't even want to drink, but I don't want to waste the smoothie either.  I think my cravings are stronger today because I haven't eaten as much green smoothie as I normally would.  Well, and the smell of carrot cake doesn't help.  I'll have to find a substitution for carrot cake that can be made in the dehydrator.

Question:  What foods do you crave and what triggers your cravings?

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