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Anderson, also affectionately called Raw Model, began his career in modeling for companies like Target, Acura, Hugo Boss, Macy's, Tommy Hilfiger, Paul Mitchell, Gilette, Kohl's, and JC Penny.

A modeling career was only the beginning for Anderson and his journey through life. By all accounts, Anderson had it made – a modeling career, a great body, the lifestyle that comes with modeling.

But then something changed…..

Introduction to raw food.

In the Beginning:

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Anderson was already a vegan before he learned about raw food eating. Being a vegan doesn't mean that you actually eat quality, sustainable, organic foods. You still can eat like crap on vegan diet and Anderson did. Maybe not all the time, but processed foods still played a part in his vegan diet.

After reading a book on the benefits of eating raw food, Anderson made the leap.

His reason for turning to raw food – well, a vain reason, but don't we all sometimes make our diet decisions based on how we want to look? I'll eat this “so-and-so” diet so I can lose 40 lbs by the time my high school reunion rolls around. Well Anderson was no different.

Eating a raw food diet would certainly help him in his career to be leaner, muscles would be more defined and “pop” on the modeling photos, and his face would become more chiseled, sculpted, and lean for those great modeling shoots.

The Result from Eating Raw Food:


Overall feeling of vibrancy!

Mental clarity!


Leaner body, more toned, the chiseled face.

In fact he attributes his movement towards a primarily raw diet to being calmer, his mind being more still so he can think clearly, and understand what he's reading without re-reading again.

His physical transformation was achieved.

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He did lose some weight, though he was already pretty fit before, but again, he wanted a more chiseled face, leaner body, and more muscle definition.

But something interesting happened – something unexpected.

Mind, Body, Soul Transformation:

What started out as a way to be more physically appealing turned into a whole “being” transformation from his body changing physically, to his mind gaining clarity and calmness, and to his soul connecting with Earth. The joy that came from eating pure foods, void of processed foods, made him feel amazing and whole and what a feeling it was to have never felt this way before on a processed food diet. A connection was made that was irreversible in the way one feels when eating pure food.

I can attest that this transformation happened to me as well. The best way I can describe it is that raw food was seeking me out. It's like it knew that if I ate these pure, unprocessed foods, that I would experience life in a way that I had never felt. Call me crazy, but it's true. It was a defining moment in my life.

Life After the Raw Food Transformation:

With everything, we adapt, investigate, change, research, change, and adapt. Anderson still eats a raw food diet full of greens, green smoothies, minerals, vegetables, and fruit, but as his curiosity of knowledge increased he kept eating raw food, but also introduced sustainably grown animal products like eggs and kefir to his diet.

I so love that he wasn't afraid to evolve out of a 100% raw food diet and still continue his journey into what would make his body feel the best. If that includes adding back cooked foods and sustainably grown and raised animal products, then so-be-it.

I say it all the time – it's not about being a purist and afraid of evolving because all of your other “raw friends” might condemn you. It's about your own personal journey.

That's the journey that Anderson took.

Through his food journey he has become passionate about growing sustainable food, building a sustainable home, growing an organic garden and food forest, and teaching others how to replant the Earth. “Grow Paradise” is the name of the organization he started to teach and encourage others to eat organic and support farmers and retailers who grow and buy organic foods.

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Today his meal plan includes:

1. High quality plant protein like Spirulina, chlorella, bee pollen, Sunwarrior vanilla protein powder, and leafy greens.
2. High quality animal fats like egg yolks, cream, and butter from grass fed cows and goats.
3. Lots of fermented foods like kefir, yogurt, and kimchi.
4. Sea vegetables and lots of varied vegetables and fruits, usually seasonal.

So as you can see, turning to raw foods, helped him achieve not only the body transformation he was looking for, but a true change in his lifestyle.

He still models, but he's added to his resume, organizer of “Grow Paradise“, author, vlogger, organic farmer, teacher, encourager, volunteer, and compassion – compassion for the Earth, for regrowing the planet with live foods.

What has changed in your life since changing your eating habits?

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