Now in her late 40's, Demi Moore is still as stunning as she was 20 years ago. Could this be related to her raw food vegan diet?

A raw food diet has been known to slow down the aging process, reverse wrinkles from your face, improve your vision, turn premature grey hair back to its natural color, keep you slim, improve your internal health, give you more energy, and increase your libido.

Demi Moore certainly doesn't look like she's aged since she began eating a raw food diet over a decade ago. The average person might revolt at eating a raw food diet; however many celebrities turn to raw food eating to stay in shape for their movie roles as Demi Moore did in Charlie's Angels. Once you go raw, you may never go back to a fully cooked diet. You'll be more aware of how amazing you feel eating raw food, how much energy you have, and possible ailments that you no longer suffer from internally and externally.

Just try eating raw for 90 days or even 30 days and monitor how you feel and the changes you are seeing. You don't even have to be 100% raw. You could eat 60% raw and 40% cooked. Or you could take your time and slowly introduce a raw food diet by simply substituting a meal at a time. Take a look at how I started out eating raw food for 90 days with the 90 Day Raw Food and Green Smoothie Challenge.

Today I eat 60-70% raw with raw green smoothies that are de-licious! If you've never drank a raw green smoothie, I came up with my favorite green smoothies that are so tasty and will keep you full and energized.

Eating raw is a very different way of eating from cooked, but is so simplistic and easy; though it can be difficult at first to know what to eat, how to prepare your food, where do you even start to educate yourself, and what about nutrition? If you're interested in trying a raw food diet, than review our tips for raw food beginners.

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