Now that I've completed the Ideal Protein Diet protocol and have phased off into mainteance mode I'm ready to start the next phase.

When I phased off of Ideal Protein, I did so because I had lost so much hair from my weight loss (not necessarily because of IP) and I wanted to eat a more whole foods diet.

Initially I wanted to start the P90X program from Beachbody and actually purchased the program; however after much reading I might instead do a combination of ChaLean Extreme and Turbo Fire program.

ChaLean Extreme

ChaLean Extreme

Once I complete the 180 days of these two programs (90 for ChaLean Extreme and 90 for Turbo Fire) then I could start P90x.

The reason?

I haven't worked out enough in the last year to create a good foundation for the intense program of P90x.

Leaning out more is what I need right now and the ChaLean Extreme program that uses muscle confusion techniques of lifting heavy and the Turbo Fire program of more cardio and kickboxing will help shed more pounds.

Though some people say P90x is the way to go.  Oh, so many decisions!

Has anybody else used these programs?

Image:  NY National Guard


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