How to stop overeating in a society full of food?

Everywhere you turn there is food.  Food at celebrations, food at work, food in your home – it's everywhere – not to mention we kinda need it to survive.  How to stop overeating when you are constantly surrounded by food is a great question to ask yourself.  Here's another.

How do you balance the need to eat to nourish your body and over eat during a temptation – especially on foods that are just pure junk to our organs?

I wish I could tell you that it's easy – if it were – we would have all waved our magic wand years ago to stop the abuse of overeating and we could tell everyone how to stop overeating.  Stop the insanity of it all.

What is overeating?

Overeating is simply eating more than your body needs for fuel.  Everybody is different and it looks different on everybody.

For me, overeating is when I start to feel full but continue to stuff my face with food.  It's also eating foods I know I shouldn't have on my eating program.

For you, overeating could be making food for your family that is different than your diet program and nibbling on their food as you prepare it.

Overeating could be snacking all through out the day or giving into your temptations.  It could be tormenting yourself when you're around other people who are eating foods different than yours.

It's a form of cheating which robs you of yourself – your true inner beauty waiting to come out.

How to stop overeating?


Decide you are going to stop overeating despite the obstacles.  Is this easier said than done?

Of course.  But this is your journey.

What do you want to get out of it?

What are your physical goals, emotional goals, and feeling goals?

For example:
My physical goal is two-fold.  I want to get down to 120ish (if that's reasonable which is yet to be determined) and I want my annual blood work to come back all healthy.

My emotional goal is to conquer emotional eating – to know that for the rest of my life I will be surrounded by foods that aren't good for me and that I make a conscious decision to eat foods that nourish my body rather than kill it.  Another is to keep my weight at a normal level.

There will be times when I have a bite of cake or a cheesy enchilada, but I want to make the decision to eat it and other foods consciously rather than being numb and eating unconsciously.  Of course this is after I have met my goal weight.

My feeling goal is to consistently feel my emotions rather than numb with food, to feel A-MAZING in my new body that is healthy since I am loving it and giving it the things it needs.  To feel that I am in control of my health and weight and to feel a bubbling over appreciation for myself for reaching my goals and sticking to it.

I've lived the life of being numb and making bad choices.  All of that stuff around you (other people eating foods in your house that you won't be eating on your program or other food temptations) is just noise – a distraction.  Only you can silence that noise and turn a deaf ear to it AND a blind eye.

This how to stop overeating.

Decide, decide, decide.

Decide to be present, to live day-to-day, or hour-to-hour if that's what it takes, but decide to make a lasting change.

Deciding is the hardest part of learning how to stop overeating, but once you decide to do this and REALLY decide, then all of that noise won't matter to you.

It won't even appeal to you.

You might think it smells good, you might think it looks good, but inside you know “that” noise is not part of your goal and it will have no meaning for you.

If you concentrate on your physical, emotional, and feeling goals and imagine what it must feel like to reach those goals, how excited you will be, how proud you will be of yourself – well my friend – that tastes better than any food.  The taste of the food is fleeting, yet it leaves a hole in your heart and a wound of failure.

Your challenge to learn how to stop overeating

So, I'm challenging you to write down your physical, emotional, and feeling goals – at least 2 each and consciously DECIDE to meet those goals.

Wouldn't you rather be high on losing weight and meeting your goals instead of giving in to a food high?

Leave me a comment below to let me know if you did the exercise challenge to learn how to stop overeating.

Image:  Krissy


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