(Part III of a III part series)

Part 1 of 3:  How I Am Overcoming Emotional Eating One Day, Meal, and Choice at a Time Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3:  How I Am Overcoming Emotional Eating One Day, Meal, and Choice at a Time Part 2 of 3

How I Stay Motivated:

I get asked a lot now how I stay so motivated and what is different then all of the other times I was serial dieting.

It's a great question – one I had to really stop and think about it.  It's hard to say it was only one thing.

This last year I had a series of medical results that came back as borderline for everything bad like high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and my back was killing me.

Turns out I have this horrible curve in the bottom of spine that pulls inwards towards my belly.  It's because of my weight.

I couldn't believe it when I saw the x-ray showing what “I” had done to myself.

The x-ray of my jacked up spine coupled with the blood test results was the catalyst for me to change my life.

It makes me sad that this is what it took to force me to change.  Makes me sad for all of the wasted years that I could have been healthy and living differently – more carefree and not so closed up.

However, I refuse to dwell on the past.  It's gone.  I can't get it back.

I can only think about the future and how I can effect change for the rest of my life.

So my medical “cliffhangers” were the catalyst for my decision to lose weight.  However my motivation has come from this light that went off in my brain.

The light was literally naming my new chicks in my head and starting to listen more to what was going on rather than numbing myself with food.

I woke up – that was the light – the change that keeps me motivated to continue.

I've never been more sure about getting to my goal and keeping the weight off in my life.

In the past it was – well I might get to goal, I hope I get to goal, I'm “trying”.

No – there's no trying here.

Trying isn't a definitive answer.  It's not solid!  It doesn't stick.

It means you put some effort into it but if it doesn't work out -well than “At least I tried.”  Such BS!

I literally despise the word “try”.

The “Checking in Technique” with Inner Skinny Chick:

I've given my Inner Skinny Chick room to breathe and place to open up so I can listen.


I knew she was there, but I didn't always hear her voice.  So in the beginning when Inner Chubby Chick was so strong I would turn to Inner Skinny Chick and ask her what the truth was.

I call it the “checking in technique” with my Inner Skinny Chick.

It's quite simple:

Inner chubby chick will tell me, “Go ahead and have a cupcake with your friends.  You can handle this.  It's only one cupcake Amber.”  See how she tells me “I can handle this”?

It's like a backhanded compliment.  She knows I can't handle it.

So I use the “checking in technique” and ask my Inner Skinny Chick if I can handle it and what does she think about this.  She told me, “Absolutely not.  You know you can't handle this right now.  It's not on your program and you're gonna feel like shit after you eat it.  Think about how you will feel if you did cheat.”

Taking her advice – I know I would feel pissed off at myself, depressed, feeling like a failure, disappointed in myself, and then fear would set in because I would be concerned that I would stop the journey only to indulge some more.

That's the checking in technique.

Through this process my Inner Skinny Chick has been able to increase her muscles and flex those sexy muscles when inner chubby chick acts up.

I in turn have listened to her voice more and can clearly distinguish the difference between the lies that inner chubby chick tells and the truths that Inner Skinny Chick reveals.

Part 1 of 3:  How I Am Overcoming Emotional Eating One Day, Meal, and Choice at a Time Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3:  How I Am Overcoming Emotional Eating One Day, Meal, and Choice at a Time Part 2 of 3

Have you used the “checking in technique” with your Inner Skinny Chick and inner chubby chick?  Leave me a comment below.

Image:  Hernan


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