(Part II of a III part series)

Part 1 of 3:  How I Am Overcoming Emotional Eating One Day, Meal, and Choice at a Time Part 1 of 3

Inner Skinny Chick vs Inner Chubby Chick:

Now I've given my Inner Skinny Chick room to breathe – room for me to actually hear her.  She's my truth, my light, God, the one who knows what is best for me and will never take me down a path that is detrimental.

I can trust her.

Here's an example situation of the duel between my two chicks:

My inner chubby chick decided to come out and play this week. I received my order of yummy protein bars yesterday and as I was unpacking and storing in the pantry, she (inner chubby chick) tells me to eat one.

“It won't hurt you” she says and she continues, “It's your birthday this week, you need to celebrate and you've done so well on your weight loss you deserve a treat – it's just a protein bar”.

Now you see how sneaky my inner chubby chick is? In the past I would agree with her and do exactly as she tells me.

However, she miscalculated. My Inner Skinny Chick is stronger these days and I listen to her instead.

For just one moment I almost agreed with inner chubby chick and gave in, but I firmly said, “No, this isn't the answer”.

Dealing with emotional eating really is one day at a time. Sometimes one meal at a time. It's no different than a drug addict. Even worse, we have to actually consume for survival the very thing that can also send us spiraling out of control.

For me it's about finding balance.

Trying to find the balance to eat healthy, continue losing weight to get to my goal – all while I learn to make better choices on this journey.

In my past serial dieting episodes – I wanted to lose weight now.  Like right now.

Get through it as quick as possible and get to goal – because then everything would be right in the world. (nope – not true)

I would be happier.


No more dieting.

No more struggles to lose weight.

No more emotional attachment to food.

It's not going to happen.

Here's the truth.  Getting to goal doesn't equate to zero struggles with weight.

My journey has taught me that losing weight fast isn't the answer.  My Inner Skinny Chick has been screaming to be discovered – to have a voice.

Her voice is what is teaching me my truth during this journey – to equip me for the time when I do reach my goal so that I don't gain the weight back.

So I don't all of a sudden think I can eat however I want and still maintain my weight.

If I lost weight too quickly – I wouldn't be able to learn these lessons that have been begging to be learned and to manifest into this beautiful journey of self discovery.

It's equipping me with tools to live a healthier life.

My Inner Skinny Chick (Inner Shredded Dudes for you guys) has been empowered and she's kicking some major butt these days.

Part 1 of 3:  How I Am Overcoming Emotional Eating One Day, Meal, and Choice at a Time Part 1 of 3

Part 3 of 3:  How I Am Overcoming Emotional Eating One Day, Meal, and Choice at a Time Part 3 of 3

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