The title should really say, “How I Am Overcoming Emotional Eating Kicking and Screaming at My Inner Chubby Chick for Lying to Me All of these Years!” 

That would be more appropriate.  She can be such a B**ch!

I wish I had a magic wand and a quick check list to say, “Complete these items on the checklist and you'll never be an emotional eater again.”

Sorry – not gonna happen today.

Maybe in another 1,023 years when they have developed a pill that curbs emotional eating.

Until then – you're stuck with me and this post and figuring out why your inner chubby chick has been lying to you all these years and how you can empower your Inner Skinny Chick.

So who is this “inner chubby chick”?

She's the voice in your head that tells you things like:

You're such a failure!

You'll never lose weight.

You'll gain all of your weight back even if you reach your goal.

Just one bite won't hurt you.

You've done so well on your weight loss – you deserve a treat to reward yourself.

You cheated with that one meal, why not keep cheating the rest of the day.  We can always start a diet tomorrow.

Nobody will like you even if you do lose weight so I don't even know why you bother.  Let's eat more cake.

Such lies!

Do you recognize her – your inner chubby chick – or if you're a guy he would be your inner chubby dude?

What does she say to you?

My Inner Voices:

Several years ago I read this powerful book called “Women Food and God” by Geneen Roth.  It literally changed my life, how I looked at food, and my emotional attachment to it.

I can't say I was “cured”, but it definitely helped me to realize how my inner voice created these stories around food.

Why I should eat it.

Why I shouldn't eat it.

Why I was afraid to lose weight.

……and the list goes on.

I've kind of compartmentalized my two inner voices – one is my inner chubby chick and the second is my Inner Skinny Chick.

They are almost like this good vs bad chick who battle each other – and me.

Takeaways from “Women Food and God”:

After reading “Women Food and God” – there were two rather large takeaways that helped me begin the process of freeing myself from emotional eating.

  1. I realized that I had abandoned myself along time ago as a child due to abuse I suffered from the people who should have loved me the most.  I perpetuated that abuse my abandoning myself – literally numbing myself and hiding behind food to deal with the pain and hurt.
  2. Learning to sit with my emotions rather than bolt to the kitchen to numb my emotions, my feelings – hurt, anger, depression, even joy.

Through this process of realization and feeling my emotions I've learned how to manage my emotional eating and the things that trigger it.

It's an everyday process.  Some days I don't really have to think about it now, but there are times when a craving or temptation will be so high that I stop, get still, and listen to what's going on inside.

What am I feeling?

What's causing this craving or feeling of being tempted by food?

It's not even about discovering the “why” it's happening, but what is causing it so I can deal with that and not analyze the situation.

Part 2 of 3:  How I Am Overcoming Emotional Eating One Day, Meal, and Choice at a Time Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3:  How I Am Overcoming Emotional Eating One Day, Meal, and Choice at a Time Part 3 of 3

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