Okay, so I'm at Whole Foods during my lunch shopping for some groceries.  I picked out this head of kale and when I turned around for a bag, this man was starring at me, opened a new bag for me and held it so I could drop my kale inside.

I was a little caught off guard and thanked him.

He said, “That's a beautiful bouquet of kale.”

I said, “Indeed it is.”

He said, “But not as beautiful as you.”

Okay..what???!!! LOL. I was so shocked I just looked up at him (probably with a dumb look of shock) because he then profusely apologized and said he had too much coffee today.  I felt like bumbling idiot – though that would require me to actually say something.  Not my most eloquent moment.

that was awkwardThen I noticed that every aisle I went down I would see him and would turn around and he was looking at me.

I felt so aloof and shocked and, well, I'm not used to that.  Then I felt bad that he apologized because of whatever look was on my face.  Poor guy.  He was a nice looking man too and fit as well. Yeah..not used to that.

I'm so out of touch with people actually complimenting me – especially for my looks  and especially from men – that it freaks me out and I don't know how to react.  It's like a freeze up.

Any advice?  Leave your comments below.

Image:  Nuno


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