Since deciding to drink more water I have definitely noticed a difference in my body and the way it is functioning.  I no longer feel dehydrated or sluggish.

I'm not getting heart palpitations anymore from drinking sugary sodas and caffeinated drinks.  Instead I'm replacing processed drinks with water so my body can flush out junk stored up in my fat cells.  With all the fat I have to lose, drinking water is vital to get rid of the toxins.

8 Benefits of Drinking Water  (especially if you want to lose weight)

  1. Helps to regulate your body temperature.
  2. Moistens tissues, especially the eyes, mouth, and nose.
  3. Lubricates your joints so they are moving freely.
  4. Flushes toxins out of your body to help protect your organs.
  5. Helps to aid against constipation.
  6. Helps your kidney and liver to function at a great capacity to flush out waste.
  7. Helps your body absorb vital nutrients that are supplied to your blood, tissue, and organs.
  8. Carries oxygen and these minerals and nutrients to your cells.

Tanita Ironman BC554

Being overweight reduces your TBW% so you'll want to make sure you're body has a healthy water weight or it can lead to future disease and organ failure.  A great way to monitor your TBW% (Total Body Water %) is through a Tanita Scale.

I have the Tanita Ironman BC554 Body Composition Monitor Scale which I purchased after deciding to leave my Ideal Protein Coach and start with alternatives.  The coaches scale was very similar and tracked all of the same targets that this scale measures.  It's a must have if you want to lose weight healthfully and monitor your fat to lean muscle ration.

Water helps to flush toxins through your body so these toxins don't take up residence in your organs and blood.

Water keeps your body hydrated so you can think clearly and have enough energy to exercise, work, and enjoy your free time.  Without it, you become lethargic and tired.  Instead of grabbing a cup of coffee to wake you up – which also dehydrates – grab a glass of water instead to get your blood flowing and perk up your mood.

How does drinking water help you to lose weight?

When you body is functioning properly and you are getting the property amount of nutrients, toxins are flowing through your body rather than taking up residency, then this will help your body to lose weight properly rather than working on trying to fix all of your other issues because of a lack of hydration.

All you women out there – take notice.

When I'm having TOM – while I've been losing weight – it's been a mixed bag of what that month will look like.  Sometimes it's normal, but more often than not it's out of control and lasts longer than it should.


Toxins being released from the fat I'm losing.

For this number one reason alone, we should be consuming our daily calculation of water to move those toxins through the body and out so we can go back to having a normal TOM.  I'm not a doctor, but having toxins floating around in my body that were previously stored in my fat cells doesn't sound to pretty to me.

My first thoughts are the dreaded “cancer” if those toxins decide to attach to my organs.  So yes – I want those suckers out fast!

Drink up!


How much water are you drinking each day?

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