Sweetheart – Your desire to binge and eat unhealthy foods this week is so overwhelming that it actually entered your thoughts of taking a break from your weight loss journey.

Yes, I was there – I heard every thought.

Though you were in situations this week – shopping around unhealthy foods, having a weight gain on the scale rather than a loss, and seeing your friends eat what they want – that caused you to feel a moment of weakness – you stayed strong.

I can see that you are still struggling with this thought and feeling like you just want this to be over with so you can go back to eating “normal” food.

Is it really normal?  What is normal?

Will your “normal” be different than it was before when you were 257 lbs or will you eat differently knowing what you know now about healthy eating?

You think that when you get to your goal weight that it will all be over – the dieting, the struggles, the desire to inhale foods that are unhealthy – but it won't.  It's only another beginning to create a new normal in your life.

Listen to my voice – your Inner Skinny Chick – cheerleading for you.  “You can do this – stay strong!”

Breathe –

Every time quitting enters your thoughts – ask ME if you should quit and let me guide you through this journey.  I will never lie to you and I will always tell you what's best.

Who do you think that was that was telling you to binge – to stop your healthy eating?

Your inner chubby chick.  She will always be there inside you – but only you can decide to listen to her or listen to me.

I'm glad you chose me.

Inner Skinny Chick

 Image:  Kate


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