Sweetheart – I want you to remember that the process of losing weight is a journey.  The journey will allow you to heal and overcome the issues that you didn't deal with in the past.

You didn't become over weight because you love food.  You became over weight because you used food to numb your feelings – your emotions.  Food just happens to be your weapon of choice – a numbing agent like that of somebody who uses drugs, alcohol, or sex to hide from their feelings.

I want you to know that I love you and I want to see you healthy – physically and emotionally.  We're in this together.  I'm here to help guide you through this journey – to help you make better decisions for yourself.

Your journey is personal to you.  Use this time wisely as you lose weight to discover yourself – take down the walls one brick at a time and slowly reveal the beautiful you who's been waiting to shine for so many years.

This is your time – your journey.

Anytime an emotion, fear, or past failures bubble to the surface – stop – rest in that emotion.  Feel that emotion and allow yourself to be vulnerable.  Sit with this feeling and let it come over you – feeling the color of the emotion and it's purpose in your life.

Feel instead of bolting to the kitchen for food – your numbing injection.

Inner Skinny Chick

 Image:  Paulina


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