Sweetheart – I know your past.  I know how you have yo-yo-dieted for over 15 years.  I know that any time you cheat it's a recipe for failure.

I know a cheat sends you spiraling off course until you are no longer on your program, depressed, miserable, and feeling like a failure.

I know that every time you cheat you rob yourself of the beauty that life has to offer and the beauty that you have to offer the world.  Your “walls” go up every time you cheat and you feel like a failure.

I know that food can be a drug for you – a drug that is addicting and damaging to your body and your mind.  Your struggle is to create a balance so that you can eat foods that nourish and cleanse your body and mind rather than destroy it.

I also know that you are strong and that you have the ability to reach your goals and shine.  I know that you will be happier when you have accomplished your goals and your inner beauty will radiate as your outer beauty comes into alignment.

I know that it's not about the food.  It's about resolving what's in your mind, your past, and what surfaces with your emotions.  It's about staying calm and letting those issues surface without bolting towards food to mask the pain – the issue.

I know that if you stay on this course of losing weight, getting healthy, and maintaining that weight that you will feel more empowered than ever before.

We're getting stronger and overcoming the inner chubby chick.   I know you can do this!  You have to know it for yourself.

Inner Skinny Chick




Image: Juliana


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