So you've only lost 1 lb of fat this week.  I know – it's a sore subject!

We see the scale measure only 1 lb of fat loss and we freak out.  Shout.  Curse the scale.  Throw the scale away.  Step on and off the scale 10 times to see if it changes it's mind.  You know you've done this last one.  I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Okay maybe I am the only one (you can leave me a comment below to let me know if I'm all alone in this craziness).

What about all the effort I put in this week.

I was on program all week and didn't cheat.

You throw your hands up in the air and get mad, frustrated – and think that 1 lb of fat loss isn't good.

Is this you?

It's definitely me.  In fact I just did it a couple of weeks ago.  Guilty as charged!  I lost 2 lbs of fat and gained muscle, but the scale shows ZERO weight loss.

Look at the difference in volume of fat vs muscle:

Fat vs Muscle

*Photo courtesy of Bamboocorefitness and Jennifer Regan

I like the volume of muscle better.  Much leaner and takes up less space.

Okay – so let's get some perspective on this dreaded 1 lb of fat loss.  Do you know what 1 lb of fat looks like?  It's equivalent to 4 sticks of butter.  That's a lot of fat volume!

So here is what 1 lb of fat looks like in the palm of your hand.  About the size of a large coffee mug.

What Does 1 lb of Fat Look Like

Think of it sitting on your right butt cheek.  Now obviously you'd be a little lopsided when you sat down, but you get the idea.

That's a lot of fat melting away from your insides – or you're right butt cheek.  Let's hope it's more consistently spread throughout your body.  No lopsided butt cheeks.

Of course we want more fat to come off throughout the week – who wouldn't want to lose 40 lbs in a week!  Yeah – not very realistic to lose 40 lbs, but 1-3 lbs – that's doable and healthy.

Remember it's a journey one large handful of fat at a time.

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