This last week I took a little trip and had to fly on an airplane for the first time since I started Ideal Protein on 11/27/12.  I had a huge non scale victory!

Why is this significant?

Well, before I started IP I had three things happen that propelled me into deciding I was going to lose weight once and for all.

  1. I had some blood work that came back borderline for diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, and other factors from being over weight.
  2. My back was hurting me so bad that I went to the chiro and they x-rayed my back.  My lower spine was pulled in so far towards my belly button from being overweight that they thought I had either been pregnant or in a car accident.
  3. Lastly, I took a business trip on an airplane and I couldn't buckle my seat belt.  I was embarrassed and shocked.  So much so that I didn't tell the flight attendant and tried to hide the fact that I couldn't buckle my seat belt.  Apparently I'd rather die from not having me seat belt buckled than face the embarrassment of asking for an extender.

Non Scale Victory

So when I flew this last week on the an airplane for the first time since that fateful business trip, I was able to buckle my seat belt without any issue AND have a lot of seat belt left over!

Non scale victory

I was so happy I could cry!  I seem to have these moments lately where I see the small changes that are really life changing and huge and just can't believe how far I've come since last year!

First Flight since starting IP

It's been 41 weeks since I started this journey and I feel incredible and really excited to enter the next phase of my weight loss.

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