I'm feeling very sunny today – upbeat and high on life. Loving the new changes in my body and a new non scale victory.

Last night I had an non scale victory moment.  I was trying to find a pair of shorts to wear since it's a bit warmer outside and I came across two pairs of shorts that I haven't worn since I was in my mid 20's (15 years ago). Total high waisted (mom) shorts too, but nevertheless I thought I'd try both on for grins. To my utter shock, they fit and one was too big. I looked at the sizes, one was a 16 and one was a 14.

Guess those will be donated to the thrift shop – in case somebody out there still likes high waisted shorts. I'm sure they will come back in style soon.Mom-shorts

Because I always seem to forget to take pictures even though I'm writing in a blog (yeah that's how I roll) I scoured Google Images for mom shorts and here's an example below.  (FYI:  This isn't me…it's from Google Images)

I'm sure I didn't look this great in my mom shorts, but you get the idea.  She actually makes mom shorts look good!  Maybe I should keep the short.  🙂

Non scale victory moments are just as important as the victory moments that come from weighing on a scale – sometime non scale victories are even sweeter than seeing that number like somebody taking notice that you've lost weight, the feeling you get when you can now cross your legs, shopping for a smaller size of clothes, seeing your collar bones for the first time in years.

Another non scale victory moment was trying on my size 22 pants when I first started and realizing how far I've come in 6 months.

What non scale victory moments have you had lately?  Leave me a comment below.

Image:  EAC


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