I've not lost 80.5 lbs and met another mini goal of losing 20 more lbs. I was getting a charm on my Pandora necklace for every 20 lbs, but decided to get a tattoo this time. 

The tattoo simply states “i am”.

I Am Tattoo

The tattoo is very personal to me. It represents my transformation and what I'm able to create and whom I'm able to become and attract into my life.

Wishes Fulfilled Dr Wayne DyerIt started with Dr. Wayne Dyer and the book Wishes Fulfilled. It's about how in the Bible Moses says to God at the burning bush, “What shall I call you?” God responds with “I am that I am”.

Through more reading, meditation, and understanding, I came to realize that we are all made in Gods image, his love, his strength, his beauty and every time we say “I am…..” we are calling God and ourselves whatever follows in those dots.

For example, if you were to say, “I am unlovable, I am ugly, I am stressed”, you are saying that God is unlovable, God is ugly, God is stressed.  When I realized that, I knew it wasn't true and since “I am” is God and God is within me and I'm made in his image, then when I use I am, I am also speaking of myself, not just God.

Which seems simple because you are saying “I am”; however the dotted line was connected for me and now I see that if God is not ugly or unlovable and, I know this without a shadow of doubt, then neither am I.

So in the continuing cycle of self growth and awareness, I have again changed my self talk to be, “I am….(must be positive).” Because whatever I say I am – I am that which I say.

It doesn't matter what religion you are – it's a universal belief.

My tattoo is a daily reminder of who I am, who I've come from, who I am capable of being and creating in my life.

Let me know if you've read this book.  Comments below!

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