For those of you who are new to my blog – I sometimes will talk about my inner chubby chick and my Inner Skinny Chick.

My inner chubby chick is the voice inside that lies to me, tells me how ugly I am, tells me that eating that one bite of cake will be okay, she's the one that tries to sabotage me.

My Inner Skinny Chick is the voice inside that for many years I couldn't hear because my inner chubby chick was so loud. Now my Inner Skinny Chick's voice is strong, coaching me through this journey, cheering me on as I make better choices for myself. She's my truth.

Letters from My Inner Skinny Chick

On my blog I have a section called “Letters from My Inner Skinny Chick” where she has just encouraged me, made me cry with her truth, and motivated me as I lose weight.

Here's an excerpt from one of her letters “Weight Loss is a Journey to Feel Your Emotions Instead of Bolting for Food”:

Sweetheart – I want you to remember that the process of losing weight is a journey.  The journey will allow you to heal and overcome the issues that you didn't deal with in the past.

You didn't become over weight because you love food.  You became over weight because you used food to numb your feelings – your emotions.  Food just happens to be your weapon of choice – a numbing agent like that of somebody who uses drugs, alcohol, or sex to hide from their feelings.

My Inner Skinny Chick is getting stronger and stronger.  In fact she's now stronger than my inner chubby chick and I rarely hear from my inner chubby chick these days.  I love the feeling and accomplishment of this dynamic switch over the last year.

Have you tapped into your Inner Skinny Chick yet?  Leave me a comment below.

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