Day 3 of the 30 Day No Cheat Challenge!

Yesterday was a tough day for me. I'm going through some extreme stress right now – details later – but suffice to day I'm stressed so much that my body is feeling it. Neck and back hurt.

When I got off work yesterday I came home knew I had to fix dinner. Really it was just heating up chicken and asparagus leftovers. All I wanted to do was was eat my granola, yogurt, berries, and “Big Breakfast” food that has complex carbs. Fix a big bowl of oatmeal and enjoy it. This was my emotional eating side coming out. I knew it was.

I stopped it dead it's tracks by realizing that this was an emotional eating moment so I sat down on the couch, closed my eyes, and allowed the feeling to overcome me instead of bolting to the kitchen for food. I knew – though the food is healthy – that it would be eaten out of emotions AND it wasn't on my plan to eat those foods except for the Big Breakfast during Phase 3 of this diet.

I went and heated up my leftovers and ate and that was it. No emotional eating.

It was tough. I hadn't had a moment like that in along time. One of the differences I noticed though was the food I wanted to eat was healthy. I wasn't thinking about running up to the nearest fast food joint and grabbing a burger and fries.

Sometimes this journey is one day at a time and it can be difficult at times. But one thing I promise you is that the more time you spend healing your emotional wounds and not grabbing food to numb the easier it will get. It's like working out a muscle. You do some exercises for it, it hurts, it's being torn down, and then it builds back up. The cycle continues as you gain strength and keep focusing on building that muscle as it gets stronger and stronger. At some point you peak out where you're at your max and you've strengthened that muscle so much that you don't have to workout that hard anymore to maintain it's strength.

It's the same with building your emotional health eating muscle – I like to call her my Inner Skinny Chick. She's beat up on my inner chubby chick time and time again as I recognize the bs my inner chubby chick tells me. Like, “just eat that granola and yogurt – it's healthy – you'll be fine. Don't worry.”

My Inner Skinny Chick is strong these days!!

Image:  Gene


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