Day 2 of the 30 Day No Cheat Challenge!

Mini Goals! Do you have any?

If not – I highly suggest you get some. Mini goals help you feel rewarded and motivated when your end goal seems overwhelming. It doesn't matter how much you have to lose, mini goals will give you something to focus on and slowly chip away so before you know it you're at goal.

This 30 Day No Cheat Challenge is a mini goal.

When I started this journey on 11/27/12 I weighted 257 lbs and had over 100 lbs to lose which seemed extremely overwhelming to me.

So I put together the following mini goals:

#1 Mini Goal – Lose 10% of my original body weight – Met this goal after 58 days on the program.

#2 Mini Goal – Lose 20% of my original body weight – Met this goal after 130 days on the program.

#3 Mini Goal – Weigh UNDER 200 lbs – Met this goal 144 days after being on the program.

#4 Mini Goal – Weigh under 170 lbs – Met this goal 9/6/13.

#5 Mini Goal – Lose 100 lbs – As of this post, only 12 lbs to go.

Also I have other mini goals for every 20 lbs I lose I get to add a charm to my Pandora necklace, though when I hit 177 I got a tattoo instead.

I Am Tattoo

 So you see, mini goals are key when the main goal seems so overwhelming.  Keep you eye on each mini goal and accomplishing that one and you'll be at the finish line soon enough.

I've been on this weight loss journey since 11/27/12 and though it's been 9+ months, it doesn't seem like that long.  It's flown by really fast.

What mini goals have you set for yourself?  Leave me a comment below.

Image:  Jolaina


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