Day 1 of the 30 Day No Cheat Challenge!

It doesn't matter what eating program you are on – you are tempted to cheat, especially when you first start.

I get asked quite a bit how I'm able to get through 41 weeks of this diet with no cheats. Here's how:

I take it one day at a time and one decision/choice at a time.

It's really that simple.

This is the self talk I go through to make the decision to either cheat or not to cheat:

1) Am I hungry? If the answer is no than I literally say to myself I don't need it then and walk away. If the answer is yes, then I ask myself the following:

2) Is there a healthier option on the program? (Of course there is)

3) How will you feel if you cheat? I'll feel like crap and then get mad at myself for sabotaging my diet, my goals, and it's a downward spiral.

I tie my emotions and feeling into the decision making process because when you eat that cheat food, you're not going to be thinking, you're just doing, but then when you're done – your mind starts to churn and starts to think about the consequences of your actions. So if I can think of what the end result emotion will be, it always stops me dead in my tracks.

I'm tired of feeling ashamed, guilty, and messing up my weight loss. So I took an oath to myself, literally, on 11/27/12, that I would not cheat and I would finish this goal once and for all.

It's a 30 day challenge, but broken up into small chunks of time with every decision you make.

I'm so happy to have you all here doing this with me.  It inspires and motivates me too!

How do you keep yourself from cheating?  Leave me a comment below.

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