I'm starting a 30 day no cheat challenge on 9/8/13 – so if you want to join comment below and let me know you're in.

There is no accountability except to yourself and that's what matters the most!

No matter what diet or eating program you are on – there are foods you are staying away from that keep you from losing weight.  Those would be the cheat foods.

30 days of not cheating is a mini goal that will help you get to your overall goal weight.

Think of it as breaking up your goal into little chunks and accomplishing one chunk at a time.

I created mini goals when I first started at 257 lbs.  With approximately 120 lbs to lose, I couldn't imagine losing that much weight.  Seemed like this far out number and I had know idea how long it would take me to lose.

So I broke my weight loss up into mini goals.  More on this later……

I started this on Facebook with great success.  So many people loved the idea of a 30 day mini goal where we could do it together, motivate, and get inspiration.

Comment below if you're willing to accept the challenge and move closer to your main goal – THEN –  like me on Facebook as well.

Image:  Derek


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