You may – or may not – have noticed that I didn't post Week 34 and 35 weight loss results and skipped right to Week 36.  Well, I was in a bit of a funk with my plateau.  I should have posted even during the plateau, but I just was feeling up to it.

So here I am at Week 36.  Can't believe that I've been doing this for 36 weeks now.  November 27 will be the anniversary of me starting this journey and I'm really hoping that I can finish of losing the last 35 lbs by the end of October so I can phase off in November and be in maintenance by December.

I generally don't like to make timeline goals for my weight loss because I feel pressured and feel like it sets me up for failure.  At least this has been my experience in the past.  It's just a hope right now and really depends on where my body wants to take me.

For instance I hit a plateau that lasted for about 4 weeks recently and now I'm happy to say I've moved through that plateau and I lost 6.8 lbs this week.  Most of it probably water weight and not all fat and maybe a bit of lean muscle mass.  Since I started on Ideal Protein, I've lost about 9 lbs of lean muscle mass which is really amazing since I've lost 82 lbs now.

Ideally you don't want to lose muscle during your weight loss, however I would love to lose some muscle in my thighs and especially calves which tend to be bigger and bulk up more when I work out.

I'm still losing hair like you wouldn't believe these days.   Interestingly only the hair on my head and not on my legs or pits!!  I've taken to wearing wigs now which I was a little nervous about but have since fallen in love with these little beauties.  It's like having your dream hair!

Considering I've always had thinner hair it's just lovely.

Weight Loss Scale 36

Progress Stats on the Ideal Protein Diet

Progress Stats have been updated so you can see exactly what areas I lost this week.


Main goal to get to 124 lbs.  My cycle chick has MADE it past the half way mark and closer to goal!!!!!!!!  Woo Hoo!

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Check-mark1st Mini Goal I met in 58 days to lose 10% of my body weight. weight.

LilySlim Fitness goals tickers
Check-mark 2nd Mini Goal I met this week on 4/6/13 to lose 20% of my starting body weight.

LilySlim Fitness goals tickers

Check-mark3rd Mini Goal is to be under 200 lbs.  I met this goal on 4/20/13!!

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

4th Mini Goal is to be at my lowest weight in 18 years – 170 lbs.

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Week 36 Weight Loss Weigh-In Results on Ideal Protein Diet

  • Weight Loss for the week:  -6.8 lbs
  • Inches Lost for the week:  -1.75 inches
  • Total Weight Loss in 36 weeks:  -82 lbs
  • Total Inches Lost in 36 weeks:  -82.25 inches

More interesting weight loss weigh-in stat:

  • Dropped from 52.9% body fat to 38.1%
  • Fat mass dropped from 136 lbs of fat to 65.6 lbs of fat!  INCREDIBLE!!!!
  • My metabolic age is still 56 (I'm only 41 as of today) which is what I started at.
  • BMI has dropped from 45.6 to 31.

Let me know how you're doing on your healthy eating plan and your weight loss weigh-in results below in the comments.

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