If I'm being totally honest – I'm bummed!  The “scale” didn't move as far as overall lbs are concerned – so I lost ZERO lbs overall this week.  However I did gain 2 lbs of muscle, lost .8 lbs of fat, and lost 1.25 inches (mostly in my lower body) – so why am I bummed?

I just want to see that scale say less than 200 lbs and I'm so close!  This was bound to happen – a zero lb weight loss for the week – at some point considering since I started this diet last November I've had weight loss each week with no plateaus.

I should be excited about that!  My first “plateau” – possibly after 18 weeks.  That's pretty good.

Nonetheless – I was upset to see no change.  Am I being a slave to the scale?  This is silly.  I know the science behind the scale and I'm letting my emotions get the best of me.  My inner chubby chick is messing with my mind.

She's making me think that starting the daily fitness was the wrong thing to do.

She wants me believe that I've failed this week.


This will tear me up all week if I don't get a grip and stop obsessing about this.  Okay – so what would my Inner Skinny Chick say?

I would imagine she would shake me by the shoulders and tell me to wake up – stop obsessing and find the good in this weeks efforts.

She would tell me to remember that there will be ups and downs through this journey and that I need to listen to the message being taught this week.

My ears are open – I'm listening.

My Progress Stats have been updated so you can see exactly what areas I lost and didn't lose this week.  I'm sure the changes I've made with fitness on a daily basis has caused part of this change where the scaled didn't move a lot, but then I still did good.


Almost to ONDERLAND!

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

I already met one mini goal – to lose 10% of my body weight.  My next goal is to lose 20% of my body weight.  I'm almost there.  Only 3.2 more lbs to go until goal #2 has been met!

LilySlim Fitness goals tickers


Week 18 Weigh-In Results on Ideal Protein Diet

  • Weight Loss for the week:  -0 lbs
  • Inches Lost for the week:  -1.25 inches
  • Total Weight Loss in 18 weeks:  -48.8 lbs
  • Total Inches Lost in 18 weeks:  -48.5 inches

More interesting weight loss stats:

  • Dropped from 52.9% body fat to 43.5%
  • Fat mass dropped from 136 lbs of fat to 90.7 lbs of fat!
  • My metabolic age is still 56 (I'm only 41 as of today) which is what I started at.  Still scary!
  • BMI has dropped from 45.6 to 36.9.

Let me know how you're doing on your healthy eating plan below in the comments.

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