Question of the week:  What is the Best Way to Make Sure You are Consuming Enough Water Per Day?

Well you could keep a little notepad in your pocket with a pen – carry it around all day – and count your ounces of water.  But who has time for that?!

My solution for making sure I consume all the water I need to on a daily basis is quite simple.  At work I have a 64 oz container that I fill up as soon as I walk into the office.  Then I also have a plastic – BPA free of course – cup with a lid and straw that I use to fill up from the 64 oz container.

Klean Kanteen 64 Water Bottle

I have found that drinking water through the straw allows me to consume water at a much faster rate.  One reason is that I'm an Accountant so I'm always staring at the computer.  If I were to drink out of a traditional glass, then I would constantly be taking my eyes off of my work in order to tilt my head back a bit to drink from the glass.

BPA Free Cup with Lid

The straw allows you to keep you head in one position – forward – and still get your work done.  Except for all the potty breaks you have to take.  Potty breaks will happen quite often in the beginning until your body adjusts to the increase in water consumption daily.

Speaking of potty breaks.  I also make sure that I consume all of my water before 7 pm so that I'm not up all night going to the bathroom.

Okay – so back to how I get all my water in daily.

For my current weight, 210, I should be consuming 105 ounces of water per day.  Calculate how much water you should consume daily so you can figure out the best way to manage your daily water intake.

So since I get in most of my water at work, 64 ounce container, that leaves me with 41 more ounces of water to consume throughout the day.

I have another plastic cup with straw at home that holds 16 oz of water.  So I'll drink one of these cups of water before leaving for work, my 64 oz container at work, and then two more of these 16 oz cups when I get home from work.

What tactics do you use to get in all of you water each day?

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