question markQuestion of the Week:  What Ideal Protein Alternative Products Do You Use?

Great question!  There's so much information out there that can be confusing, especially if you are still trying to follow the Ideal Protein Protocol – which works!

There are numerous reasons that people have decided to make the switch from Ideal Protein products to “alternatives” which simply are foods that are just like – or very similiar – to Ideal Protein foods.  Reasons why people switch:

  • Cost of Ideal Protein foods are too expensive.
  • Simply looking to save money.
  • More food options.
  • Their Ideal Protein Coach wasn't coaching anymore and/or the relationship wasn't a good fit.
  • No Ideal Protein Coach in their area.

For me it was to save money.  My coach was awesome!  I simply needed to save my money and felt strong enough on my own to continue on the Ideal Protein Protocol without having to be coached.  Of course in the beginning I didn't feel that way at all.

I'm not advocating anybody to jump ship and leave Ideal Protein – only providing an alternative if you are looking for one.

With several months of learning how to eat on the Ideal Protein Protocol and enough weight loss that I felt strong enough to do this on my own, I made the leap to Ideal Protein alternatives.

I'm glad I did.

After quite a bit of research to determine how I would decided which alternative products were comparable to Ideal Protein and followed the Ideal Protein protocol – I started slowly switching from Ideal Protein foods to alternatives.

My weight loss hasn't skipped a beat.  I'm still losing at about the same pace as I was using 100% Ideal Protein products.

I put together a spreadsheet of the various Ideal Protein foods and alternatives to help me decide which was the best products to buy with the nutritional data and whether it's restricted or unrestricted for the actual alternatives that I've purchased.

This is an interactive document so you can slide up and down and to the side to review all of the information.

Make sure you read “How Do You Decide Which Ideal Protein Alternatives to Use for Weight Loss” to get a better understanding of the numbers and what ingredients to stay away from.

Most of my alternatives come from Nashua Nutrition since they have such a wide variety of brands and free shipping over $99.  If you review the above worksheet you can see which products I actually use by brand:

  1. Proti-Diet
  2. Proti-Thin
  3. Weight Loss Systems
  4. Health Smart
  5. Syntrax

Then I also use Premier Protein Ready Made shakes that I get from Costco in bulk – though I believe you can find these at your local grocery as well.  My favorite is chocolate and it's not watered down tasting!  Nice and thick and chocolaty.  The beauty is it's 160 calories and 30 whopping grams of protein.  It's also unrestricted!

I usually will drink these as is or make a Mocha Frappuccino with it.  YUM!

Premier Protein Chocolate Shake

My other absolute favorite is the Quest Bars that I purchase from since it's definitely cheaper than purchasing at the store and it's free shipping.

My favorite Quest Bars so far are the Chocolate Brownie Bars and the Apple Pie Bars – hands down it tastes very darn close to the real thing.

These alternatives are my main staples which you'll see show up each day in my Daily Food Journal.

What Ideal Protein alternatives are you using?  Leave me a comment below.

Image:  Fitness Treats


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