Today was my first day of Phase 3 Big Breakfast on the Ideal Protein Diet.

I have to admit, I was so looking forward to this moment!!!  I mean adding complex carbs like fruit, dairy and grains seems so sensual to me and an absolute treat!  Funny how when you are in the throws of eating like crap you don't think about fruit and grains as being a treat.  How times have changed!

Phase 3 Ideal Protein Big Breakfast – Day 1

Phase 3 Big Breakfast Ideal Protein

Ideal Protein Big Breakfast 1


I savored every bite of this meal.  Also I wasn't hungry for the longest time and had to actually force myself to eat lunch so I could keep my metabolism going.

I also started working out hard core now to help keep burning the fat to get to my goal weight.  I decided to phase off of Ideal Protein for a variety of reasons that you can find on Week 41 Weigh-In.

What Big Breakfast ideas have you come up with?  Leave me a comment below.


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