Today I started Phase 3 of the Ideal Protein diet to phase off of the diet and begin maintenance mode.

So since I had what they call a “Big Breakfast” I decided to also go big and workout to Turbo Fire and my girl Chalene Johnson!  Just love her workouts – they get me all jazzed up and feeling great!

Turbofire Workout 3

Turbo Fire Workout2

Turbo Fire Workout

She really kicked my butt, especially since I haven't worked out this hard in a long time!  I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow morning, but it's going to be a welcome soreness.

I was sweatin' and as you can see, my face was flushed from all the jumping and moving.

Sweating to TurboFire

My Five Finger shoes are a champ and wouldn't wear anything else during a workout anymore.  I've had enough of the athletic shoes with thick rubber that are supposed to do wonders for your feet.  Well, not for me.  My feet ache in those shoes.

5 Fingers shoes for working out

Ever since I started wearing my Five Fingers I haven't had any foot aches or problems at all!

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