It was another beautiful sunny day in the Seattle area so what did I do?  Posthaste to the trails for some cycling.

Cycling is the ONLY exercise I can say that I truly love!  Except when it's raining than I don't like it so much, but on a sunny day – it's the perfect mix to get outdoors, enjoy the scenery, and get in some exercise.

Bicycling the trails

park while cycling

Lily and I headed for the trails with our lovely new bicycle trailer and caught another head wind this time around.  I was really enjoying people on the trails and the nature so before I knew it – I was 5 miles into the ride before I turned around to come back – because ya know it's another 5 miles back.

I didn't want to overdo it.

We found a great park on the trail and decided to stop and lay in the grass, soak up the sunshine and have a little snack.  I ate some Ideal Protein peanut butter soy puffs and Lily had a few lamb treats herself.

Snacking on the trail

Solvit bicycle trailer

Bicycle trailer

There was a Tour de Cure going on at this park as the pit stop so it was fun to watch the other cyclists come in with volunteers ringing bells of congratulations.

I met two ladies along the way who were completing their last 6 miles of a 60 mile ride – it was only 11 am so they must have gotten started early.

As I was riding back, I wanted to ride a bit more as I passed by the parking lot with my car so we continued on another mile and half and then I decided to turn around.  I could feel my knees were starting to get a bit jello-ey (I doubt that's in Merriam Websters dictionary but my definition is:  wobbly, weak, and not feeling real good at the moment, mushy) so we headed back to the car.

Total trip was 12.9 miles.

Such a fun day!

Afterwards I stopped by the Thrift Store to drop off a huge bag of my “chubby chick” clothes.

What a great day!

Image:  Walt


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