What a glorious day out this Saturday!!!  The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and my skin was begging me to go outside and soak up some Vitamin D!

So I did.

Of course this was after I waited for my FedEx guy to deliver Lily's new bicycle trailer.  Once I got it put together and attached to the bicycle – I took her for a spin around the neighborhood to see how she would react.  I think she must have known that she was getting a new toy, because she kept pawing at the door to go outside.

Lily in Solvit Houndabout II bicycle trailer3

She loved it – I can almost see her smile.

She stuck her little head out the windows and enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine too.

Lily in Solvit Houndabout II bicycle trailer

I loaded my Honda Element with my Cannondale Quick 5 bicycle and Lily's new Solvit Houndabout II bicycle trailer and headed for the trails that hugged a local river.

Lily got so many compliments on her new ride and lots of “how cute”, “way to get a free ridge”, “ahhhh…..”, “mom look at the little dog”, “what a great way to travel”, “well isn't she cute”….

Lily in Solvit Houndabout II bicycle trailer (3)

Was fun to see reactions and Lily loved the attention.

We stopped in a park along the path and laid in the grass to enjoy the sunshine and I replenished myself with a Quest Chocolate Brownie bar and more water.  We did a quick 8 miles round trip and had a bit of a head wind on the way back which made for more work on the legs.

Lily in Solvit Houndabout II bicycle trailer (3)

My HRM said that I had lost 1,100 calories which was quite a bit so I needed to make sure I ate back a good portion of those calories to keep my weight loss steady.

We had a really fun day!  I hope it's nice again this weekend!

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