Today I completed another round of Zumba – about 20 minutes.  Nothing too crazy – but I'm still having trouble with the moves.

Is it bad when you sway your hips to one side and your butt fat is still on the other side trying to catch up?  I have to laugh at myself.  I was so uncoordinated and not sexy at all.

See I'm really concentrating here.

Zumba 5


Zumba 4

I was trying to get my hips moving here.  Watching the instructors compared to what I was doing must be hilarious.  I imagine I look just like them when they are salsa dancing – but in reality I'm all over place.

Zumba 3

Zumba 6

I'm sure eventually I'll get better, but I don't know if I'll ever be able to move my hips like the instructors.

It was fun anyways and I was laughing during most of it.

Image:  JBLM


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