As you know, the Ideal Protein protocol discourages any kind of intense fitness activity.

As I continue to lose weight I find that I'm wanting to work out more.  I guess because my body is feeling so much better and moves with more ease.

On Saturday I had my weekly weigh-in and I gained a 1.2 lbs, but I lost 4 lbs of fat, gained 5.2 lbs of muscle, and my TBW% went up 1.7%. Hmmm..

My theory on why I gained weight.

So I decided to implement some more activity – not too hardcore, but enough to trick my body.  I did however eat back calories that I lost during my workout.

I broke out my Zumba dvds – that I've never used and purchased last year – to learn some of the basic moves.  There are 24 basic moves.  LOL


I put my heart rate monitor on to get a general estimate of calories burned during the basic “training” and then completed the 20 minute quick workout.

Between the basic and 20 minute workout I burned about 325 calories.  It actually said I burned about 400, but I'm rounding down a bit just because I know these aren't completely accurate.

Though some of the moves were difficult for me – just because it was fast paced – I think it's something I could learn.

I had fun anyways!

Anybody ever tried Zumba?  Leave me a comment below.

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