Today I switched it up and settled on Brazil Butt Lift  – the “Sculpt” workout – which is low impact and just tones your muscles and is supposed to lift your booty.  There is cardio on these DVDs but I'll have to wait until I reach goal to implement more strenuous cardio.


Oh yeah – there better be some lift with these exercises because I was literally cursing the instructor for how much pain I was in.  It wasn't “Oh my God I ripped a muscle” pain – it was “Holy cow my muscles are burning from this intense targeted movement” pain.  He'd say, “Just 3 more” and I was already falling to the ground – fatigued and done.

Obviously as time passes and I continue to strengthen my muscles, it will become easier, but for now – it was hard, but worth it.  Loved it!

Brazilian Butt Lift Sculpt


My little dog, Lily will keep jumping on the floor and try to join me.

Brazilian Butt Lift Sculpt 2

I will definitely be doing this workout again especially if I see results – though with the pain he put me in, I don't know you wouldn't be able to see any results!

What low impact exercises do you workout to?

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